Green to the core!

By taking the sustainable development route, Tafisa® reaffirms its commitment to the environment and proudly takes a leading role in the industry. Moreover, in 2011 Tafisa® launched its - CO2 - campaign to inform its customers about the carbon sink properties of wood-based panels, which contribute to reducing greenhouse carbon emissions. 

Wood-based products retain carbon during their service time, being excellent carbon sinks. These product contributes to the global goal of greenhouse gases emission reduction. When wood-based products end their service life, they are used as fuel for energy production, and the balance between -CO2 emission during combustion and -CO2 sequestration during trees growing is neutral.

RewoodTM Technology sets Tafisa® apart. The technology enables the recycling of post-consumer wood fibre. This approach extends wood product’s useful life cycle and moreover extends the carbon storage period; instead of ending up in a landfill site or used as fuel for energy production, post-consumer wood materials are recycled and integrated into the company’s particleboard panels.

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