Matching Complementary laminates for Tafisa® decorative panels

- LINK25

LINK25 Formable Laminate is postformable for edges, tops or corners.  Available in perfect colour matches to TFL and HPL, it is ideal for refacing or new installations and is recommended for vertical or light duty horizontal surfaces.

LINK25 is NEXGENTM certified and complements the full product selection by Olon Industries. Click here  to obtain more information about LINK25.

To view the complete list of colours, click here. 

- AeCoreTM 

The AeCoreTM decorative laminate is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications where the surface must be both functional and durable.

AeCoreTM has features such as impermeability, embossed-in-register (EIR), anti-fingerprint, etc. To obtain more information about AeCoreTM  click here.

To view the complete list of colours, click here.

Here is a comparative table  that will help you to better understand the differences between the laminate (HPL) and the decorative laminates Link25 and AecoreTM.