A pioneering and visionary company

Right from its inception in 1992, Tafisa® has been committed to using only 100% recovered and recycled fibres in the manufacturing of its panels. No roundwood derived from logging is used. Since 2005, over 20 million dollars have been invested to develop a unique technology, named RewoodTM, which enables Tafisa® to replace a portion of the post-industrial wood fibres in its panels with recycled post-consumer wood fibres. This innovative technology ensures a constant and renewable supply of raw material without compromising the environment for future generations.

Tafisa®’s vision is to develop a product made entirely of recycled fibres. The increasing demand for green products, and the government’s environmental policies, give good reason to adopt this approach. RewoodTM technology is only the start of a long journey to fulfill a major challenge. Tafisa® is committed to pushing boundaries on the environmental front and is proud to contribute to the collective effort towards making our planet a greener world. And that says it all!

In 2013, as a result of its RewoodTM technology, Tafisa® was recognized by a panel of experts for its contribution to environmental excellence and sustainability and was awarded the prestigious Environmental Phenix Award.

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