Tafisa Canada ~ Hardrock Maple L303

Hardrock Maple

Standard Texture: Crystalite (C)
Also available Urbania (R), Smoothwood (S), Ashwood (W), Frost Crystal (F)

Complementary Products
(not produced by Tafisa):

HPL (High Pressure Laminate)
Check the availability of 4' & 5' HPL widths for this colour here.

Edgebanding (PVC)
Canplast (56534)
Dollken (4901 / 4125)
Edgeco (7042)
Dura Edge (1195)
Rehau (CP20475)
Edgebanding (Polyester)
Olon (DD140)
3D Laminate Manufacturers
Renolit (Hard Rock Maple 2007001; Ontario PM 44026 )
LG Chem (Hard Rock Maple U010103)
Omnova (American Natural 508630)
3D Laminate (Thermovinyl) Doors
Miralis (Hardrock Maple M13)
Rose Custom Doors (NATURAL MAPLE)
5-Piece Doors
Nubold (L303)