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Our History

Not Just Any Start-Up

The Tafisa story began in 1992, with the financial investment of a Spanish company called Tableros de Fibras S.A. 

The chosen location for the facility was Lac Mégantic, Quebec, a region fertile with a competent work force, a constant and abundant local supply of high quality raw wood fiber, and near the U.S. border.

The plant today measures 65,000 square meters (700,000 sq. ft.) on a property the size of 366,000 square meters (4,000,000 sq. ft.) and is the largest, most modern particleboard and thermofused melamine (TFM) production facility in North America.

Tafisa operates 2 particleboard production lines and 4 thermofused melamine (TFM) lines. 

Global Presence

Three years later Tafisa was welcomed into the Sonae Indústria Group. Sonae Industria remains the most important private industrial group in Portugal, and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of composite wood panels.

Today, with 20 years of experience under its belt in North America, Tafisa plays a dynamic role within Sonae Industria, contributing to and benefiting from the expertise and group sharing of almost 30 affiliated plants located across Europe and in South Africa.

Continuous Growth

Growing demand for particleboard in the 1990s resulted in the installation of a second production line in June of 2000 – an investment of C$180 million. This major expansion quadrupled Tafisa’s production capacity, increasing it to 1 million cubic metres per year (565 million sq. ft.), enough to meet more than 10% of the North American market. 

Capital investment continued into 2006 with a C$12 million upgrade of the existing laminating equipment and the purchase of a new 4’ x 16’ Wemhöner TFM press line. This increased the production capacity of Tafisa's value-added TFM panels by nearly 50%, and firmly positioned Tafisa as a leader in today’s composite panel industry.

The Tafisa Team

Beyond the continuous technology and production upgrades, much of Tafisa’s success can be attributed directly to the industry experience and market expertise of our top-notch design team. Their expertise continually strengthens Tafisa's design collection with the addition of each new TFM color and surface texture.

Tafisa Canada owes its growth and success to the dynamism, professionalism and devotion of a quality work force that remains the pride of the company. The company has expanded from a start-up of less than 50 people in 1990 to a workforce of 325 strong, all industry professionals that help the company shine, day in and day out. 

Strength in Balance

Throughout the expansion, Tafisa’s beautiful surroundings have played a significant role in the company’s decision-making philosophy.  A prevailing sense of social and environmental responsibility has given rise to environmentally sound decisions that benefit our world, our employees and our clients. 

Just a few reasons why Tafisa is proud:

  • Tafisa panels are made of 100% recycled and recovered wood fibres and comply with strict environmental measures. 
  • Tafisa products undergo regular quality control testing by lab technicians and quality assurance teams to ensure physical properties are consistently met.
  • Tafisa plant also has a stringent emission control system installed to safeguard our environment against harmful air emissions. 
  • Tafisa has made a significant commitement to health and safety throughout the organization.
  • Tafisa actively embraces and practices its commitment to continuous improvement and such programs as 5S.
  • Tafisa is a proven front-runner, many times over, in meeting the sustainable management guidelines established by third party organizations for minimizing impact on natural resources.
    • In 2003, Tafisa became the first member of the Composite Panel Association (CPA) and producer of particleboard and thermofused melamine panels whose environmental management system met the requirements of ISO 14001.
    • Similarly, today, Tafisa has shown consistent efforts to secure FSC certification for solid chain-of-custody wood-fibre supply practices, and has achieved CARB compliant production capabilities well in advance of set deadlines.

Tafisa’s shared goal with Sonae Industria is to create new and better products using fewer natural resources and causing less pollution along the entire value chain. Our commitment to eco-efficiency makes it possible to create added value while reducing the environmental impact associated with economic activity.

Tafisa Canada Shares Sonae Industria’s Corporate Vision:

To be recognised as a sustainable world leader in the wood-based panels industry, consistently providing our customers with the best value products, upholding the highest standards of service and promoting responsible business and environmental practices.

We base our operations on sound corporate governance, continuously improving the efficiency of our operations, actively promoting innovation and providing a motivated, safe and fair working environment.


Did you know?
Sonae Industria’s combined production capacity worldwide is more than 5 million cubic meters.

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