The global clout of Sonae Indústria

Tafisa® Canada is a subsidiary of Sonae Indústria, the largest private industrial group in Portugal today and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of composite wood and decorative panels. 

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Sonae Indústria is a multinational company producing chemical resins for panel production, high-pressure laminates, furniture components and flooring. As part of this global company, Tafisa® benefits from the design and production knowledge base of a worldwide network of engineers and manufacturing experts. 

Sonae Indústria is also recognized as a sustainable leader in the production of wood-based panels, consistently providing customers with the best value products, upholding the highest standards of service and promoting responsible business and environmental practices.

All Sonae Indústria operations are founded on sound corporate governance, continuously improving resource management and manufacturing efficiency, embracing eco-efficiency (as defined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development), actively promoting innovation, and providing a safe, motivating and fair working environment.

Tafisa® shares Sonae Indústria's goal of developing new products and improved services while using fewer natural resources and producing less pollution along the entire value chain. In this way, eco-efficiency enables both the creation of added value and the reduction of environmental impact from economic activities.

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